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AI Researcher,
Certified Project Manager,

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About Me

I’m a passionate AI researcher and certified project manager in Beijing, with over 5 years of experience in AI, data science, and education. Having traveled to 15+ countries, I’ve worked as a training manager for a data science community in Los Angeles.

I am interested in the intersection of technology, humanity, and art.

It is hard to label myself. With a background in psychology, I have devoted myself to artificial intelligence and data science for over 5 years since my first job. With years of experience as a project manager, I have mastered project management methodology (e.g., agile, ten knowledge areas) and applied them to different projects that I have ever encountered. Each project is a box of chocolates and you never know what you are gonna get. I have published a book on the educational practice in AI, built a dual-lingual dynamic website completely by myself using WordPress, created a ranking system to evaluate the AI academic impact, designed the whole training system to empower data professionals, and even conducted a one-month anthropic study in Shangrila to investigate Matsutake (a rare mushroom)

During my spare time, I conduct program evaluations and consulting for social innovation organizations in China. I also wrote scripts for some short films and my favorite film directors are Lee Chang-dong, Krzysztof Kieślowski, Thodōros Angelopoulos, Koreeda Hirokazu and Akira Kurosawa.

My tenet is simple: becoming human.

What I Do

I embrace versatility, adaptability, and continuous learning in my life. There are three things that I am consistently pursuing: truth (via research), goodness (via involvement in social innovation), and beauty (via the art of storytelling).

AI Research

With a B.S. in psychology and an M.Ed in development psychology, I want to explore the possibilities of conducting artificial intelligence research from a psychology perspective. I am interested to answer those questions: what are the true differences between human minds and mechanic minds? How can we cultivate humanity in the future world of human-machine symbiosis?

Project Management

I am a certified PMP(project management professional) holder with over 5 years of experience in the industry of artificial intelligence, data science, and social innovation. With a strong focus on measurement and evaluation, I am combining the research methodology together with management techniques.

The Art of Storytelling​

Storytelling is everywhere. A good story is the most efficient way to communicate. I have studied screenwriting during my spare time working in Los Angeles where stories shine on the Hollywood stage. I wrote investigative stories (e.g., matsutake in Shangrila) published in newspapers.


PMP(Certified): ASANA, Microsoft Project, Sprint Planning, JIRA

CMS: WordPress, Moodle, Drupal, Canvas, Blackboard

Project Evaluation: Zotero, Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, MAXQDA, Overleaf

Language: English(Proficient), Japanese(Basic Conversation)


2023/7: Our paper got accepted in the journal Engineering.
2023/5: Our demo paper got accepted in the conference ACL 2023.
2019/9: One paper got accepted in the journal Social Development.
2018/12: I got my Master’s degree in developmental psychology from the University of Pennsylvania.
2016/6: I got my bachelor’s degree in psychology from Zhejiang University and my undergraduate thesis was awarded the best undergraduate thesis.

My Experience


Beijing Institute for General Artificial Intelligence

Project Manager

My main goal is to research and create AI-relevant content and communication programs to help diverse stakeholders (e.g., government officials, students, scholars, and the public) grasp the value of artificial general intelligence.


Global Association for Research Methods and Data Science

Training Manager

I was responsible for developing the online and onsite training systems for data professionals in the community and coordinating with subject matter experts to deliver the training products (e.g., certification programs, capstone projects, and workshops).


Peer Experience Exchange Rostrum(PEER)

Project Evaluator and Consultant

I was an in-house evaluator for several educational programs conducted in rural China. I also helped to research and incorporate some theoretical concepts (e.g., service-learning, youth participatory research) to practice.


Harvard SEED for Social Innovation

Project Manager

Originating from Harvard University, SEED is a community that empowers social entrepreneurs and practitioners to seed a better China. I was in charge of several evaluation projects to measure the effectiveness and quality of the fellowship programs.

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